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Malmalling Vineyard Winery and Cafe Perth Hills, Western Australia
For all inquires please contact us Ph: 9295 4539 or 9295 5691 F: 9295 5113 E: sales@malmallingvineyard.com.au ....or visit us on Facebook Malmalling Vineyard
Indoor dining Our air-conditioned indoor dining area has recently been refurbished.  
Opening hours and location Open from 11.00 - 5.00 Friday to Sunday, including some public holidays. We also cater for your special events.  
Vineyard and winery All of our wines are made on site, by Kit Chambers, co-owner and award winning wine maker, from our own hand picked and crushed grapes.  
....exciting new menu, new wines and refurbished indoor and outdoor areas  
Alfresco With a stunning vista and newly constructed top of the range patio, our outdoor dining area continues to be favoured by our customers.  
Award winning wines Our range continues to grow and among our more popular newcomers are sparkling, fortified and late picked varietals.