Malmalling Vineyard  and Café Menu Something Light     Bruschetta          $22   Four slices of baguette topped Turkey, pear & walnut;     Tomato ,onion & basil; Smoked salmon in lime dressing;    and Garlic  mushrooms. Chorizo & Fetta Taster       $19   Chorizo ,  marinated fetta, olives, balsamic & olive oil dip     & fresh bread. Cheese Platter   (Serves Two)       $30     Four different cheeses, fresh fruit , dried fruit, nuts , fresh crusty  bread,  crackers  & chutney. Grilled Haloumi Cheese     $17    Haloumi cheese, grilled  and served   with marinated peppers,   capsicum coulis  & green salad. Children’s Meals   Macaroni Cheese         $8.5   Nachos & Chips           $8.5  Chicken Nuggets & Chips       $8.5 Middle Eastern Chicken Salad     $22.5   Green salad with dates & fetta,  M iddle  E astern spiced  chicken topped with yoghurt. Kaffir Lime Prawns       $26   Six pr awns with coconut & kaffir lime   breadcrumbs,    served with our own li me dressing & green  salad. Side Dishes     Garlic bread           $7   C hips             $8     Wedges           $8   Salads: Garden or Greek       $9   Vegetables: Freshly cooked        $10   seasonal vegetables More Substantial   Scallops  w ith Mushroom Risott o   $29   Our own mushroom risotto topped with succulent   seared  scallops & green salad. Spicy Balsamic Beef       $26   Grain feed fillet of beef sautéed with onion, capsicum chilli &  balsamic sauce. Served with Australian grown jasmine rice  & salad. Desserts     Choose from our daily selection of cakes, tarts and freshly c ooked  favourites including home made pies. Malmalling Tasting Plate     $35   Kaffir lime prawns with dressing, scallops with risotto, middle  eastern chicken with salad, camembert with chutney &  bread, garlic mushrooms, marinated fetta & olives. Coffee and Tea     A wide selection of quality teas and  coffees made to order by our  resident barista, using our purified rain water Scotch Fillet         $32   Prime grain fe d scotch fillet cooked to your liking with a  choice of garlic mushroom or creamy pepper sauce served  with beer battered ch ips & salad or fresh  seasonal  vegetables. Book Now   Call 9295 4539 or 9295 5691 to make a booking.     Live music every Sunday Fish En Papillote       $29   Orange Roughy fish from New Zealand ,   cooked & served in  baking paper with a  lemon butter sauce and spices & served  with   shoe string chips & salad or seasonal vegetables.
Malmalling Vineyard Winery and Cafe Perth Hills, Western Australia
....exciting new menu, new wines and refurbished indoor and outdoor areas